Alrighty, which kids played tug-of-war until some fingers got cut off?

It’s all fun and games until someone loses a finger. Make that two people. And several fingers.

The people are a boy and girl from South El Monte High School in Los Angeles. The game they were playing was tug-of-war.

Clearly, they were determined to win, so kudos for that.

“I’ve been in tug-of-wars myself, more than I can even count, and I’ve never heard anything like this,” the school’s District Superintendent Nick Salerno said, no doubt wondering how much this is going to cost him.

The two teens were student athletes taking part in activities designed to boost school spirit and participation.

There’s no details on how the accident happened, only that “the rope broke”.

Both students are in hospital in a stable condition, fingers reattached.

Still, it could have been worse. No, really.

The Nation - Oct 25, 1997

Harvard Tug of War team, 1888
Harvard Tug of War team, 1888

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