Cops brand fighty man with smiley face injury. On his head.

Smiley face for the camera! Oh, wait..

C’mon. Lighten up a little.

There are worse injuries to be left with after a clash with officers during a robbery gone wrong in the US. Fatal ones, for starters.

But we don’t think Jason Archer, 36, pictured here, is quite ready to accept that little truth just yet.

Going by the look on his face, he’s thinking the emoticon shaped injury dealt out to him after he tried to steal $1200 worth of merchandise from a department store means he’ll be retweeted several thousand times over during the next week.

He spent four days in a cell thinking about that and hoping it heals some before his court appearance tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Cops brand fighty man with smiley face injury. On his head.

  1. “He spent four days in a cell to think about that and hopefully heal before his court appearance due tomorrow.

    He’s right.”

    o_O That makes NO sense!

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