Elisa Lam, LAM ELISA and the bizarre CIA tuberculosis conspiracy theory

The contender for 2013’s Conspiracy of the Year is in. And it’s so good it could sweep the decade.

You might have heard of the death of Elisa Lam in an LA hotel over the past week or two.

She’s the Chinese girl studying in Vancouver who stopped over in LA on her way to San Diego.

AT one point, she was seen on the elevator CCTV in the Cecil Hotel. The video went a bit viral, as it showed her behaving bizarrely.

See for yourself:

She went missing for a few days after that, which is when we started hearing her name a bit more.

Then, tragically, her body was found. In the water tank of the Cecil Hotel no less, after guests complained about the water pressure.

So that’s strange enough.  But leave it up to the foil-hatters at godlikeproductions.com and Reddit to turn it into something downright freaky.

They’re up to 15 pages of forum comments at GLP. It all started with this (click for the bigger version):

It’s pretty heavy going, but not entirely worth dismissing, if only for the very few details that started the rush of alarmed fantasising.


LAM ELISA is indeed a test for TB. It has been since 2008.

TB in LA

There is currently a large outbreak of TB in LA’s skid row district, where Lam’s body was found.

It’s been building since 2007, but it’s only in the past couple of weeks that government officials have announced they’re searching for some 4500 people who might have been infected. Elisa Lam was first reported missing on January 26.

It’s a strain “unique to Los Angeles”. It’s also notorious for being passed from the dead to the living.


The Guardian Express says it would have taken a huge effort to get Lam’s body into the rooftop tank:

The water tanks are mounted on a platform about 3 meters (10 feet) above the roof. To reach the tanks, someone would have to go to the top floor, then climb the stairs and go through doors that are protected by alarms.

Another ladder, would have to be taken to the platform and a person would have to climb the side of the tank. The opening at the top of the tanks cistern is too small to accommodate firefighters and equipment, so they had to cut a hole in the storage tank to recover Lam’s body.


“she knew something and the hand signs look an awful lot like the signs the illuminati use.”
-      Reddit

“this is pretty similar to the way the movie “Dark Water” ended. Characters body in the water rank on the roof, male lead character has hard time shutting elevator. The Cecil hotel where this girl died has a long history of really bad shit going down. The Black Dahlia girl is known to have frequented it. The main characters in “Dark Water” are named is Cecilia and Dahila.”
-      Reddit

“Elisa Lam = SEAL I LAM
-      GLP

The first seal is opened by the Lamb”
-      GLP

This is a reference to the Seven Seals that bind the Book of Revelation. Breaking the first four seals releases the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The identity of the First Horseman, however, is debated, mainly because he looks a bit like Jesus.

And this:

“Extinction Level Incident Starts ALA Motel”
-      GLP

AND FINALLY, THE HOTEL ITSELF. One look at its history and you’d be surprised why anyone would stay there at all:

In 1947 when actress Elizabeth Short’s body was sliced in half, she had appeared at this hotel before she died. In 1962, a woman jumped off the hotel and crushed to death a pedestrian. In 1964 Pigeon Lady Osgood was raped and murdered in a room there. In 1985 “Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez checked in for a couple of months, and killed 14 people during his stay. In 1991 Viennese murderer Jack Unterweger checked in for five weeks and killed multiple prostitutes.
-      chinaSMACK

So there it is. The CIA has developed a bio-terror weapon and the seed has been planted in one of the most notoriously evil hotels in downtown Los Angeles. Handily, right in the middle of a current outbreak, milder strain, in order to minimise suspicions about the arrival of a new strain. The girl has been targeted since birth, since her name since then has been Elisa Lam. Normally the CIA prefers “Jane Doe”, but by allowing the carrier to be known as Elisa Lam, the Illuminati are made aware the new TB strain has been released.

Simple, really.


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