Exploding Crysis arrows explode watermelons. That’ll do

Hey YouTube doubter – how about he comes around and pops a couple of these arrows in your ass?

Maybe that’s a good way to test if they’re fake?

Not a good idea? Well, until you come around to it, how about we all enjoy the fact RatedRR has made a video with exploding arrows in it.

Because it’s excellent in all its Crysis 3 inspired glory.

Sure, it starts out a little disappointing, with one arrow having to nearly clear the watermelon before blowing it to pieces. It’s a thermite arrow with a delayed explosive, and while the slo-mo is spectacular, the end results are a little limp:

But the next one – the direct impact explosive arrow – does the job, wiping away the stand supporting the fruit as well.

Obliterating it, actually.

And if anyone can actually make it happen, it’s the RatedRR guys. Okay, it’s all a little Mythbustery, but their Breakdown department specialise in taking movie and video games scenes and ideas and bringing them to life.

Still, there are always the YouTubers out there who call bullshit on everything as soon as possible, then hope everyone else forgets they called bullshit first when it turns out they were wrong but don’t really care because they’re too busy calling bullshit on the next five Tubes they’re watching.

Watermelon packed with C4? Maybe.

But RatedRR have already promised to shoot up some glass bricks and things like that to prove their arrows are deadly enough for you.

So… happy days.



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