Hatchet hitch-hiker Kai didn’t use the blunt end. Or so he tells us

Make of this what you will. Is it:

a)      Kai, the hatchet-wielding hitchhiker

b)      Someone pretending to be Kai, the hatchet-wielding hitchhiker, in a bid to get people to visit their Facebook page raising money for Kai; or

c)       Kai, trying to get people to visit their Facebook page raising money for Kai?

First of all, let’s start with the name. It’s not Kyle, it’s Kai. He even spelt it out in the uncensored interview which went viral a couple of days ago.

You know the one, where Keanu Reeve’s long-lost brother tells how he hit the racist driver of the car he was in with a hatchet three times smashsmashSUH-MAAAASH to save a roadside worker and the woman trying to help him.


Well, watch this first.

Anyway, he caught the world wide web’s eye, because he’s cool, right? Alternative, yes, but in a not-too-freaky kind of way.

The original, censored news version of his story has been pulled off the air, but here’s the full uncut version. In it, there’s some eye-opening extra details about the kind of life Kai’s led, enough for anyone who watched it to want more. MORE KAI.

Well, today we got more. Maybe.

Including the details that Kai thinks he killed Jesus, and wasn’t using the blunt end of the hatchet.

Here’s the email Q+A:

Tell us where you’ve been these past few years.

All around

Why did you choose life on the road?


I just guessed Kai because you seemed like that type of Kai. Someone else said you’d spelled KYLE out in another interview. Sorry about that.

Kai is the name I’m called by

That wasn’t a question was it?

The question was inherent. spelling, right?

Are you getting loads of free stuff now?

a few people in fresno and on the way here helped me out. A man named Joey gave a guitar to me, and I’m so happy with it. I’ve been awhile without a guitar. I’m still smokin snipes and kickin it legit though.

Are you happy about that? Or do you want it all to go away?

Happy about smashing that fool? Ugh, it felt all bad. I wasn’t just going to sit by and watch him kill anyone else though. I thought that pinned dude was toast, I almost cried until the cops told me he was ok.

Is that your freakiest hitchhiking story? There must be others…

I was brutally raped for 3 hours when I was 17. I ain’t gonna let it get me down.

Have you checked up on the road worker/Jesus yet to see if they’re okay?

the road worker is ok, jesus is dead from what I’ve been told. I didn’t hit him with the blunt side. I’m pretty shooken up about it. I watched him get back up from that like some kind of bathsalt zombie, but he wasn’t using any drugs when I was driving with him. from what I’ve researched about bath salts, they wouldve kicked in before that.

Did you notice the guy interviewing you was wearing two watches? Why would he do that?

maybe one had quartz for a time crystal and the other has emerald? I didn’t really notice at the time, if you’ll look at the video you’ll notice I was really shooken up. people said in some comments they thought I was on drugs but know, I was on 3 cups of coffee and a doobie. if thats “on drugs” to you, please self destruct.

Where are you now and where are you headed?

I’m in Lathrope, headed north. tonight I’m camping across the I-99 from the chevron/valero in a farmers field here in Lathrope

Damn I hope it’s you. Can you prove it somehow? Send us a pic of yourself writing this reply.

I don’t need to prove anything.


That’s pretty convincing, so we could let it ride and wish Kai happy trails.

But there’s another party involved – the team running this Facebook page, which is raising money so “we can get him that surfboard and wetsuit he’s been dreaming about”.


We posted Kai’s reply clarifying his name on the original story. The KaiofDogtown group sent a reply to that reply almost immediately.

Just. Sayin’.

ADDENDUM: Here’s the pic Kai sent after changing his mind.

It’s from his Facebook page and it’s pretty obviously him. You can find the Facebook page it’s taken from by searching for his full name which you’ll find at – you guessed it – KaiOfDogtown, or their reply to Kai’s reply on the original story


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