Hubble spots Space Invader. No need to panic.

Aliens are headed our way. Fortunately, they’re 2 billion light years away and can only move a couple of pixels per second.

Hubble has just released this image of what is clearly an upper level Space Invader, taken some time in the past and no doubt tucked away in a Badlands warehouse until we were deemed ready to process it without sparking widespread panic.

Of course, there’s a “logical” explanation for what you’re seeing.

The boffs at Hubble claim this is actually an entire galaxy hiding behind a cluster known as Abell 68. It appears as a symmetrical image due to “the gravitational field of a foreground cluster of galaxies warping space and distorting the background images of more distant galaxies”.


They’ve even got a name for it – “gravitational lensing”.

“Gravitational lensing can make multiple mirror image copies of the light coming from a far-flung galaxy. It is a powerful tool for seeing remote galaxies that otherwise would not be observable by Hubble because they are too dim and far away. In this Hubble photo a background spiral galaxy is warped into an image that resembles a cartoon of a simulated space invader … The brightened and stretched lensed images come from galaxies far behind it.”

"Experts" say it's a "galaxy". But we know the truth.
"Experts" say it's a "galaxy". But we know the truth.

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