Joerg Sprave has invented another Dangerous Thing

For starters, this comes from something called The Slingshot Channel, so you know it’s going to be good.

If you haven’t tuned in, that’s the home of Joerg Sprave, who won some fame online by inventing other slingshots that throw sawblades and chainsaws.

Joerg’s latest venture doesn’t seem anywhere near as dangerous… until you see the lump of wood in his hand morph into a “Fully Auto Mini Gatling” slingshot gun.

Hehe, another slingshot. Cute. Except it doesn’t fire pellets, marbles or even lead sinkers.

It fires crossbow bolts.

Joerg’s made these before, but they were powered by the classic Gatling hand crank. This baby utilises a Black & Decker power screwdriver to give you what he says is “true assault rifle feeling”.

Handily, he links out from the YouTube description to a Google Doc where you can learn how to make the eight inline barrels. We’ll avoid that here…

Come for the mad, unhinged laughter. Stay for the glorious slo-mo.


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