More madness from inside Antilia, the world’s most expensive family home

If your home is a penis statement, then Mumbai business magnate Mukesh Ambani … actually doesn’t give a toss what you think about his knob.

Because he can afford to spend $1bn on his family home, making it the world’s most expensive private abode.

That all happened a couple of years ago, when the media caught on to some of the stomach-churning stats, starting with the SIX-FLOOR GARAGE hosting his 168 cars.

And the fact he bought the plot for $4m, which by all reports, was way, way under market value.

But it took a bit longer for Ambani to open up the interior to the press, starting with Vanity Fair, which got the scoop pics last year.

Pic: Jonathan Becker/Vanity Fair

Now Curbed has the details of the proper madness going on in the daily lives of the Ambani family.

One of the questions Vanity Fair kind-of half-heartedly asked last year was “Can it create its own weather?”

The answer? Yes.

Curbed says there’s such thing as an “Ice Room”, which means the family don’t have to decamp to the mountains for a skiing holiday. They just turn the snow on inside.

There are nine-high-speed elevators. Remember, there are only five family members. (But the live alongside 600 staff.)

Pic: Jonathan Becker/Vanity Fair

Yes, there are three helipads – something else Vanity Fair queried.

It has 27 floors, but with some floors having double or triple-height ceilings, it’s as tall as a 40-storey office block.

And for the most part, the family stays in the top four floors. They like the sunlight and possibly being above the smog and poverty so they can see the Arabian Sea.

You get the picture. And it’s easy to put all this criticism down to jealousy, but really, would you build this even if you had all the money in the world? No.

You can read more about Antilia at Curbed – and you should, because they did the legwork.


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