Never get out of bed again. At least, not to work

This would go straight into the UnUseful Things Hall of Fame if it weren’t so… useful.

When the makers of the Gorone Desk released their brilliant device way back in 2005 that lets you work in bed, they forgot one thing – lying down.

Really, it shouldn’t have taken this long to rectify that, but the important thing right now is that they have.

Yes, with some hooks and a band, you too can lay in bed and work like this young gentlemen with your new improved Aomuke Gorone Desk. (Translation: “Napping Face-Up Desk”)

We know what you’re thinking – fapping, right? Thought so. But this piece of mad genius is so much more than a hands-free tugtable.

It’s also great for, uh, work. And movies, we guess. Facebook? Yep, that too.

So not just fapping. All those other things too.

via RocketNews24


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