Old man kicks deadly snake in the face, keeps a-walkin’

Great Moments in HardNut Old Men #1, from YouTuber jotunboy81.

“A beautiful Eastern Australian Brownsnake (2nd deadliest in Australia (world?) had just passed us on the beach and it climbed up the concrete wall and into the food serving area close to the beach.

“The man then “came along, kick’s (sic) it right in the face on his way to the toilet. There is absolutely no reason to go around it.”

Jotunboy81 is right when he says the snake is one of the world’s deadliest.

But to this old Clint, he ain’t nothin’ but a damn snake, right in his way to the toilet.

So with some outrageous geriatric cool, he kicks it off the path.

The snake rears up and he kicks it again, IN THE FACE.

Then acts like it’s just another day in this messed up world where shiat gets thrown at him, just so he can stamp it down.

And to round off a spectacularly bad days for snakes, a mouse has been set free in China for smacking down a serpent that was eating its mate.

Served up as live dinner for the snake at Hangzhou Zoo in Zhejiang province, eastern China, mouse #2 was going to go out without a fight.

“We always give the snakes live food and we put the two mice into the snake enclosure, but instead of trying to hide like they usually do one of the mice attacked the snake when it saw it trying to eat the other mouse,” keeper Wen Shao said.

“I have never seen anything like that before, usually the mice keep as far away from the snake as possible but this one caused a lot of damage.

“It was biting the snake on the head as the snake was trying to eat the first mouse.”


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