Taylor Swift now isn’t even trying to hide her Illuminati ways

So apparently Taylor Swift dropping in some sneaky Illuminati ritual references at the 2012 AMI’s wasn’t a fluke.

A writer at The Vigilant Citizen has spotted the same signs at Swift 2013 Brit Awards performance, including the telltale colour coding, temples and horned heads overlording it all.

Now we know what you’re thinking – isn’t the Illuminati supposed to be a big big secret?

Weeeell, that were the old Illuminati. These days it’s a bit more hip to be Out, particularly with Scientology gobbling up all the celebrity nutcases first.

Or it may be a case of, as The Vigilant Citizen reminds us, the best place to hide something being in plain sight.

Anyhoo. Back to Taylor Swift, who was once such a shy young thing until the cash started rolling in and The Machine demanded she feed it by upping the ante with each album.

Thanks to TVC, the proof is right in front of your eyes. If you’re the type that goes to Taylor Swift concerts.

For starters, Swift started her Brits performance in white, THEN ENDED IT IN BLACK.

She also started her performance in front of a temple (note the horned head)…

Before ending it under the burning gaze of the EVIL PAGAN OCCULT GOD BAPHOMET.

Now, because it’s possible you might not be familiar with the gaze of Baphomet, here he is side-by-side with that candelabr-, er, subliminal pagan worship installation.

Still not convinced? Still with us, even?

Head over to The Vigilant Citizen and delve far deeper into this revelation than even we’d dare to go.

Yes! I want to know more about Taylor Swift’s descent into Illuminati darkness and Baphomet worshipping!


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