Thank God dashcams can’t record in 3D… yet

Life as an insurance claims clerk in Russia must be one of the most alarming, hilarious and horrifying jobs on the planet.

If you’ve ever wondered why so much incredible dashcam footage comes from Russia, it’s because having your driving experience caught on film is a great way to avoid getting sued for hitting a pedestrian.

And yes, hitting pedestrians is a thing that’s popular in Russia, especially amongst pedestrians, because the driver has to pay compensation even if it’s not their fault.

So there’s a bit of a scam in being a pedestrian, getting hit on purpose, then pocketing some raw cash and not taking the driver to court. Having a dashcam mounted helps lower the amount you may have to cough up.

This driver did not hit a pedestrian though. And, for once, they’re not in Russia, going by the Korean voice on the radio. Just thought you’d like to know that thing about Russian dashcam videos.

What these people did instead was record an Extremely Frightening Thing. As you’ll see:

Just another day touring South Korea's highways...
Just another day touring South Korea's highways...

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