Tonik the dog thinks he’s people. He’s got a strong case

Go on, try to resist him.

Try to resist this little fell’s cute littlwwhOOAA WTF?

He’s staring into your soul, isn’t he? Right down into it, desperately trying to send you the message that reincarnation is real and if you don’t get your shiat together and donate something fast, you’ll be sent back as a mangy shih tzu and shipped straight off to a thing called a “kill shelter”.

Like Tonik here, who looks more like a hastily thrown together extra for an 80s werewolf film than any dog we’ve ever seen.

Anyway, he’s two and he’s already made it out of the kill shelter, which obviously isn’t as final a mooching around place as it sounds.

But he’s now at the Homeward Bound Animal Welfare Group in Mishawaka, Indiana, and you’ll have to pick him up.

That’s in the US, btw.

His notes say Tonik “has not had too much socialization” and “should not be placed with young children”.

They also say “there is a very sweet boy in there”.

They’re right.

All pics by Renny Mills, mandog photographer. 


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