You’d screw 7mm into your leg bones every day too… Or maybe not.

You might have a nose job if you’re a football star worth millions in face moisturiser endorsements. Or a sneaky boob job to get over a messy divorce.

But are bow-legs really worth… this?

These bloodied and tortured limbs belong to netizen @朱小辫儿 who posted the pics on the Tinaya BBS forum.

A user reposted them on Weibo with the wince-inducing explainer:

(This girl) had surgery to correct her “O-shaped legs” [bowed legs]. Every day, she takes a wrench and tightens every screw inserted in her bones three times, each time 7 mm deeper…3 months later, she took these screws that had already fused with her bones and flesh out. I keep wondering, what about the bloody holes in her legs?

The reaction on Weibo was one of widespread horror and confusion.

But the important thing is whether the patient was happy with the result:

Because, according to chinaSMACK, IT REALLY WASN’T NECESSARY.

They consulted an orthopaedics expert to find out if there was perhaps another way and got this reply:

This method isn’t scientific, as the wounds on the legs can easily get infected, and cause unpredictable damage to the patient… With the medical technology today, correcting bow-leggedness isn’t necessarily difficult, and many city hospitals can do it.


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